Prayer Training

By Carolyn Carney

This post illustrates the process of listening prayer based upon a real life experience and a deeper encounter with Scripture. It also includes a link to a longer "White Paper" written by the Discipleship Steering Committee and the Spiritual Formation and Prayer Team

By Hallie Cowan

Hallie Cowan describes four very creative ways to pray. This article is useful for both individuals and small groups including family prayers with children.

By Mary Anne Voelkel

This letter was written by Mary Anne Voelkel, National Prayer Coordinator at the time, to Carolyn Carney, link staff at the time. Carolyn was involved in pioneering efforts and asked, "How do I pray for a barren campus. Mary Anne, along with help from a few friends, gave Carolyn their best counsel.

By Hallie Cowan

This article provides a detailed description of how to organize and lead a prayer walk for your chapter. Variations on the theme are also included

By Hallie Cowan

Use this tool to help your chapter engage the campus in a creative way with prayer.

By Roger Weber

Roger Weber identifies almost 60 books, both contemporary and classic, that will help the person wanting to develop a life of prayer. At the end of the documents, he also list a number of useful websites on the topic

By Todd Minturn

The author examines three types of silent prayer through the lens of the short term mission experience. He used real life examples to illustrate the potential role prayer might play in a typical student on a short term summer trip.

By Todd Minturn

This short essay explains the ancient practice of Centering Prayer in language that is easier for Evangelicals to understand.

By Hallie Cowan

This article gives detailed instructions on how to design and set up a prayer room.