The Competencies

These nine competencies help answer a fundamental question: "What skills are important for success for all leaders in InterVarsity?" Regardless of their level, leaders will need these competencies to succeed in their work. And although these nine competencies do not cover every skill required by every job, they identify a shared core of leadership skills. These competencies enable us to have a common framework and language around leadership, development, and growth.

Assess Reality Toolkit 

Build Teams Toolkit 

Catalyze Diversity Toolkit

 Collaborate with Others Toolkit 

Communicate Vision Toolkit 

Communicate Vision Video

Staff: Derek DeKam, Associate RD, Lower Michigan
Missional Impact: Recruitment and Student Retention 

Communicate Vision Workday Learning Module

 Develop Staff Toolkit

 Exhibit Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

 Make Descisions and Plans

 Manage Change Toolkit