Leadership Assessments

Staff Directors, learn about assessments below and let us help you find the assessment you and your team needs. Please give time for us to set this up with you and/or your team so we can give each the attention needed.


The Enneagram is a spiritual formation tool that helps us see our strengths and besetting sins in our journey to knowing God and ourselves better.

MBTI - Myers Briggs

A personality tool that helps us identify our own preferences for a more healthy understanding of ourselves and others.

MBTI - Myers -Briggs Step II

After finding your MBTI profile, Step II is the opportunity to dive deeper and to learn more specific facets of your profile.

SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities)

Identifies key abilities, circumstances, and subject matter that are motivators for how we are made to serve in God’s Kingdom.

Strong's Inventory

Explore wider career interest and options.


Explores individual behaviors, wanted and expressed, as you work with a team.

Change style indicator

Explores attitudes and behaviors towards change for individual and teams

Thomas- Kilmann Indicator

Explores attitudes and and behaviors in conflicts.


Identifies key natural talents to develop and to leverage toward individual performance and effective teams.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Identifies places of strength and needed development in how we know and manage ourselves and function in social/work situations.

Situational Leadership

Explore how to supervise staff and their developmental needs.


For AD/RD's investing in emerging leaders. This tool shows aspects of our personality that affect leadership abilities and emotional behavior in an individual’s leadership.

LD.2 and LD.2 360

Provide overview of leadership skills and behaviors, and indicates key behaviors to develop for growth in leadership.

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