Vision, Mission, Values

Vision Statement

The Spiritual Formation & Prayer team desires that our organization be known for the nurture and training of the spiritual lives of all InterVarsity employees and participants, and that each staff be trained in spiritual formation and prayer.

Mission Statement

Spiritual Formation & Prayer in InterVarsity works to advance the spiritual development of our staff and organization, so that we continually deepen our relationship with God.  This enables us to center our ministry in our love for and response to God and join with him as he reaches out to transform students, faculty, collegiate staff and the campus.  All this for God’s Kingdom and his glory.

What We Value

The vision and mission are shaped by the following:

  • People are precious in God’s sight. As a result, we believe it is important that we treat others with dignity, kindness, and respect while we seek to carry out the mission God has given us.
  • The God who has revealed himself in the Bible and most significantly in Jesus Christ is the source of all life. We encourage engagement with him through a variety of means including quiet times, worship, Scripture study, silent retreats, and prayer.
  • The Christian life is a journey. Many have traveled the trail before us leaving in their wake wisdom and insight regarding stages, obstacles, and attachments that we might encounter along the way. That knowledge can provide both comfort and courage.
  • Dependence on God is expressed in pervasive prayerfulness.
  • The work that God does in us is as important as the work God does with and through us.
  • The most important gift we have to give to the campus is the Gospel expressed through our relationship with God through Christ.
  • We seek to do Kingdom work in a way that is filled with a spirit of joy and peace.