NSC Identity and Values

We work for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA and therefore InterVarsity’s Vision, Purpose Statement, Core Values, and Doctrinal Basis define our mission.


We are InterVarsity’s national office. We are a community of staff who live and work in dependence on God. We build, lead, and sustain the ministry and infrastructure needed to support our mission on college and university campuses nationwide.


Service & Leadership

We provide support and direction for people and the organization, as passionate stewards of InterVarsity’s Purpose.
Karon Morton's 9/10/2014 PowerPoint • 


We treat others as people created in the image of God, valuing one another’s contribution, role, calling, and gifting.
Jim Lundgren's 9/17/2014 PowerPoint • 

People Development

We help one another grow intellectually, spiritually, and professionally.
Kim Porter's 9/24/2014 PowerPoint • 


We strive for high quality, effectiveness, and accountability in our work and relationships.
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We partner as individuals and teams with diverse skills, backgrounds and perspectives to enhance fulfillment of our common goals.
Tom Lin's 10/15/2014 PowerPoint • 

Printable version: NSC Identity and Values 8.5x11 visual.pdf

The NSC Identity and Values statement originated in 2005. In fall 2014, President Alec Hill and the resident vice presidents addressed these in a Chapel series. InterVarsity's Core Values also form our work at every level.