New Area Director Training (NADT)

The Area Ministry Director job will require you to grow in character and competency. This course is designed to help you begin that journey. We will focus on a few skills within the framework of “people, vision & structure”. We will foster an environment to learn from God’s word, mentors and each other. This class is required and limited to all members of the New AD Cohort.

This course is by invitation only, for the 2023-2024 cohort.

Program Director:  Jasmin Rouse

Dates:  June 12 - June 16, 2023

Meeting LocationBest Western Premier Park Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Grow in Spiritual Formation
    • ADs will understand they’re serving the same mission but from a different role and how their spiritual formation is integral within the intersection of mission and management.
  • Supervise Effectively
    • ADs will diagnose a person’s development level in relation to a task in an inclusive manner. ADs will also match the corresponding leadership style to a diagnosis, so they neither under-supervise nor over-supervise their people.
  • Coach MPD Effectively
    • ADs will create a team culture around MPD that is inclusive and spiritually formative while coaching their staff via the GROW coaching model.



 MARCH 6   Registration Opens
 MAY 12   Registration Closes
 JUNE 12-16   NADT