Mental Health 101


This two-week digital course provides training for responding to mental health issues on campus, clarifying the responsibilities and limits of staff roles as well as basic assessment skills.

How much time will the course require?


  • Week 1 

    • Complete the first online training module [30-40 min.]

  • Week 2 

    • Do the campus visit homework [1 hour]  

    • Participate in some online discussion [15 min] 

    • Attend an optional live discussion of course content [1 hour] 

  • Week 3 

    • Complete the second online training module [30-40 min] 

    • Participate in some online discussion [15 min] 

  • Week 4 

    • Invite your students to attend an optional live discussion on Maintaining Mental Health During the Holidays[1 hour]

    • Debrief with your supervisor [30-60 min] 


When is the course?

The course will run from Monday, 10/25, to Friday, 11/19, with weekly completion deadlines.  

  • The course is self-paced, which means you can access the content anytime convenient within the submission deadlines.  

  • To build our learning community, each learner will be encouraged to participate in a Microsoft Teams group to discuss the course material's questions and topics. 

  • You will access all course modules through the Learning app on Workday. 

Note on Registration:

  • After you hit the "enroll" and then the "submit" button, it will say "pending approval".  You can expect a confirmation email 1-2 days after you register to confirm your spot.