Spiritual Formation Training

By Joe Moore

One of the great benefits of being on staff with InterVarsity is the expectation that you will take a monthly day of retreat.  I don’t know of any other organization or church that has this benefit

By Steven Stuckey

Some stories in the Bible comfort us like a warm cup of chocolate on a cold day. Others haunt us like a bad dream that we would rather forget. Some stories draw us in with an intriguing main character that we want to emulate, while other stories pursue us like a hound dog on the hunt. Since 1994, the story of Jacob has been all of those things for me. I have studied him, read novels and commentaries, lead Bible studies, painted pictures, and written poetry about him. His story captivates me still.

By Joe Moore and Jay Sivits

The Grand Silence is a practice we in InterVarsity have learned from the Benedictine communities.  The term refers to the space of time that begins with the last prayer service of the day called Compline and ends with the first prayer service the following morning. Joe Moore and Jay Sivits team up to explain the practice and how to get the most out of it.

By Alison Marie Smith

We live in a culture that respects and frequently worships productivity and busyness. That is why the spiritual discipline of rest may feel uncomfortable or unattainable to us. Rest, really? How am I supposed to rest when I am juggling my job, marriage, kids, social life, and household chores? I have too much to do. But, as Abbot Anthony understood it, this is the way of Jesus. Slowing down, making space for margin and rest.

By Alison Marie Smith

Celtic Daily Prayer is a book of prayers developed by the Northumbria Community, a group of Christians in North East England. Forming in the 1980s, the Northumbria Community wanted to be different than typical Christian communes. Rather than remain all together in one place, they scattered and spread across the world, seeking to integrate their faith in a modern context. The community’s commitment to daily prayer is perhaps their most recognizable trait.

By Bruce Cooke

New England staff member Bruce Cooke describes the Community Arts Evening that he has created as part of their spiritual formation retreat. He has discovered that the evening gives staff members an opportunity to express their journey with Jesus in creative, vulneral ways that they might not do otherwise.

By Steven Stuckey

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff are the movement's greatest asset. We want to care for them well. As I listen each week to IVCF staff and former staff share their inner worlds with me, I have encountered ten common conditions of the soul that I try to pay attention to.

By Steven Stuckey

This article explores the mysterious process of learning to hear God's voice. The author, Steve Stuckey, compares the experience to learning to hear "pitch" as a young musician.