Spiritual Formation Training

By Doug Stewart

This brief article written by Doug Stewart explains how to spend a day with Jesus using Scripture as the focal point. This article should be read with the article "Spend a Day with Jesus: A Guide."

By Doug Stewart

The article by Doug and Marilyn Stewart explains the what, why, and how of spending a day with Jesus in prayer and reflection. It is based upon fifty years of experience of working with InterVarsity and IFES staff on two continents.

By Hallie Cowan

In this short article, Hallie Cowan explains the disciplines of solitude and silence.

By Doug Stewart

In this essay, veteran staff member Doug Stewart explores the changes that occurred in his relationship with the Lord in his midlife years. He discusses spiritual disciplines that seemed to dry up and other new ones that began to refresh his inner world.

By Krista Dawn

This three page prayer guide written by Krista Dawn compares African American Worship Culture with Caucasian Evangelical Worship Culture. Chapter worship leaders have found this resource helpful.