By Doug Stewart

Staff Care-Twenty Five Questions

Many of us cruise through life at such a high rate of speed that we are oblivious to much of what is happening to us internally or to those we love. The sabbatical experience provides a Christian leader with a wonderful opportunity to take extended time to review their life journey. Many have found that the review has a way of anchoring them to a deeper reality. What follows are twenty five questions to help prime the pump. Read through the list and select a handful of interesting questions to get you started.

Spiritual Development

What do you think are the key components involved in a person’s spiritual development?

What have you been learning about God over the past 6 months?

What practices help you grow in relationship with God?

Put a mark on the continuum that best describes your current level of intimacy with God.

Distant                                                                                                                       Close

Briefly describe why you placed a mark where you did.


What effect has your role on staff with InterVarsity had on your:

  • Spiritual Development
  • Intimacy with God
  • Practice of Spiritual Disciplines

Where is the place of most needed growth in your life with God?

            What have you tried?

Personal Relationships

What would you say are some of the primary qualities of healthy personal relationships?

List the categories of personal relationship in your life, e.g., family, students, opposite sex,etc.

Put a number (1-10 scale, 1=unhealthy; 10=healthy) next to each category you listed above indicating the degree of health you think exists in each area of relationship.

Where is the place of most needed growth in your personal relationships?

            What have you tried?

Life Stages

How would you describe your current stage of life?

What are your longings?

Where are you content?

Which areas need attention in order for your life to work better? (e.g. physical, financial, emotional, etc.)

Who are your current mentors and how do they influence you?

Vocational Call

Describe the current state of your call:

  • To students
  • To full-time ministry
  • To InterVarsity

What are some of the key markers/turning points on your “call journey”?

Read the following list and circle areas where you would like greater pastoral input.

Places of personal and relational conflict

Single status or Marriage relationship

Relationship with children

Fund development

Personal Finances

Conflicts with your job description and gifts


Pain and Suffering

Hearing and responding to God


Making sense of your spiritual life and journey

Personal boundaries

IV boundaries


Continuing education

Struggles with authority

Being more thankful



Death of friends and loved ones


Gender issues

Ethnicity issues

Vocational questions

Doubting your faith

Areas of repeated temptation/sin

Anger issues

Time management

Relationship with supervisor

Relationship with other staff or staff team

Finding mentors

Class and status issues


What context and setting would best suit you to address the areas you have chosen?

…e.g. conference, 1-1, local staff team, retreat, etc.

Print Version: Staff Care Questionaire-PDF