By Steven Stuckey

Retreat Days

Blind Bartimaeus

The average InterVarsity staff member wakes to their cell phone beeping a message. They fall asleep while watching Netflix at night. In between those two daily events, they are busy doing the work of ministry. In a recent survey conducted with staff members in our region, many shared that they want to feel more connected to Jesus; they want to pray more; they want to reflect more; they want to operate from a place of peace rather than a place of anxiety. But their longings are hijacked by busyness, lack of discipline, isolation, and fatigue. Action without contemplation has led some of our staff to seasons of burnout, moral failure, and disillusionment. Without regular reflection, a staff member will become superficial and focus on the immediate rather than the significant. A monthly retreat day, or Making Space for God Day, is one discipline an area director can use to help team members build an internal foundation that will sustain their external activity.

In Southern California we have learned that 90% of staff who take advantage of a retreat day do so with another person. Rare is the individual who has the discipline to pull off the day by themselves. Rarer still is the person who takes a retreat day without the encouragement (and permission) of someone in authority over them. The material in this short one hour workshop will enable a staff director to instruct the people on their team on how to prepare for and execute a retreat day. The material includes links to retreat guides and other resources.

Documents for Retreat Day

Making Space for God Day Workshop

Retreat Guides can be found here and here.

Solitude and Silence by Hallie Cowan