By Will Truesdell and Joe Moore

Listening Prayer

If ever there was a mysterious process, hearing God’s voice takes the cake. How does one hear the voice of The One who is invisible and rarely uses sound waves to communicate with his creatures? How do we hear the Voice of One who is grand in wisdom and power beyond all our comprehension? How do we distinguish His Voice from all the other voices of authority (parents, culture, and our own self-serving ego) that rumble through our brains? Our ancestors all the way back to Adam and Eve, have wrestled with these same questions.

This workshop seeks to help your area team explore the questions that your team members have regarding listening to God in prayer. It will examine Scripture passages relevant to Listening Prayer. It will give instructions on both the principles and cautions related to Listening Prayer and provide insight on how to engage in a listening prayer experience. Finally we provide a guided opportunity for individuals and the group to practice listening to God in prayer.

Documents related to this workshop are listed below. We recommend that you begin with the day long workshop since it will give you a good overview of the topic and show you where the various documents fit in the training day.

Listening Prayer Full Day Workshop

ListeningPrayer_Final-1.pdf  by Jon Ball and Lina Sanchez Herrera

Listening Prayer Overview.pdf

1 Samuel 3.pdf

Luke 3-4.pdf

Individual Listening Prayer Experience.pdf

Ways God Speaks.pdf

Group Listening Prayer Process.pdf

Listening Prayer as Hearing the Word by Carolyn Carney

Listening Prayer Two Hour Workshop.pdf