By Carrie Bare and Steve Stuckey


We are glad that you want to help the members of your staff team become more attentive to the work of the Lord in and through them. We believe that attentiveness is a foundational spiritual formation skill that we all must master if we are to be faithful followers of Jesus. It is not a skill learned in one afternoon. It is an approach to living that is practiced individually and as a community over a lifetime.

We have created a series of exercises, retreat guides, articles, Bible Studies, and quotes for you to use with your team. One approach is to schedule a training session and follow one of the suggested outlines that we have included. Another approach is to make attentiveness a theme for the year. You might want to try one exercise, study one passage, or reflect upon one article each time your team meets.

As we care for the souls of InterVarsity staff on a daily basis, it has been our experience that the compelling intensity of the mission must be balanced by an equally compelling development of the inner life with the Lord. When that does not happen, staff members are subject to the four horsemen of exhaustion, temptation, pride, and distraction. We pray the Lord’s blessing upon you as you care for the members of your area team.

Document related to this subject are listed below. We recommend that you view the Six Hour Attentiveness Workshop first to get an overview of the topic.

Six Hour Attentiveness Workshop

What is Attentiveness.pdf

Attentiveness-Luke 10.pdf

Attentiveness-1 Kings 19.pdf

Bible Verses Related to Attentiveness.pdf Both the Bible Passages and the Quotes could be shared with your staff members throughout the year or as a document.

Attentiveness Quotes.pdf