Area Director Resource Kit

Listed below are Spiritual Formation and Prayer Training resources designed for InterVarsity area directors and the staff teams that they serve.

Suffering and Spiritual Formation

Suffering is the unwanted house guest that moves into our individual and corporate lives and never seems to leave soon enough. He wears many guises. This workshop seeks to give InterVarsity staff a richer understanding and vocabulary for suffering and spiritual formation. We will examine the anti-suffering commitments of American culture. We will explore the connection between suffering and character development. Finally we will provide Biblical disciplines to respond to suffering.


Attentiveness is to spiritual formation what flour is to baking. It is the foundational spiritual discipline. It has been our experience that the compelling intensity of the mission must be balanced by an equally compelling development of the inner life with the Lord. When that does not happen, staff members are subject to the four horsemen of exhaustion, temptation, pride, and distraction.

Spiritual Formation and Mission

 A disciple of Jesus is one called to be with Him and also sent out by Him to be salt and light in the world. Spiritual Formation and Mission is another way of saying that. This workshop seeks to provide InterVarsity staff with a model of leadership that holds these two essential elements together. We will explore a working theology of missional spirituality and offer to area directors some practical ways to engage the topic with their staff members.

Listening Prayer

The God of the Bible speaks in many and varied ways and we believe he continues to speak to those who are willing to listen. This workshop will explore Scripture passages on the subject. It will address theological concerns. Finally, it will provide both individuals and a team a guided experience in Listening Prayer.

Retreat Days

InterVarsity staff members want to pray. They want to reflect on their internal and external worlds. They want to follow Jesus on a day to day basis. But like Bartimaeus, they have been blinded by busyness, lack of discipline, and a superficial culture that dissuades them from any sense of depth. The monthly retreat day is one spiritual discipline you could use to help your team members recover their spiritual sight. This one hour workshop tells you how.