New Regional Director Training (NRDT)

Whether you are a new Regional Ministry Director or newer to an ARD role where you partner significantly with your RD to lead the region, this course is designed to help onboard you into this next level of leadership as you manage managers and lead the campus mission in a larger geography. We will foster an environment of learning from God’s word, mentors and each other.

This course is by invitation only, for the 2021-2022 cohort.

Program Director:  Andrea Thomas

Dates:  June 21-23, 2021

Meeting Location:  Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Register:  After receiving an invitation from Andrea Thomas (, a registration link will be sent. 

Questions? Email

NEW RDS (with select ARDs) WILL:
  • Grow in Spiritual Formation
    • Engage with scripture and practice spiritual disciplines together in a cohort in order to lead out of greater dependency on the Lord and emotional intelligence.
  • Lead Regional Systems Effectively
    • Practice a three step process for leading systems
    • Assess reality and make decisions and plans to more effectively recruit, hire, supervise and develop staff in the region.
  • Lead the Regional Leadership Team toward Ministry Results
    • Grow skills in communicating vision to shape culture
    • Create a plan to lead RLT meetings that accomplish regional goals, shape culture and catalyze growth toward the 2030 Calling​


 MARCH 22   Registration Opens
 MAY 21   Registration Closes
 JUNE 21-23   NRDT