Catalyze Childcare

We are pleased to offer childcare at Catalyze for children ages 5 and under. There will be a designated space in the hotel where paid childcare providers will attend to the needs of your children during all sessions.

Parents who plan to use child care must request this service when they register or by contacting the Operations Team ( The final date to request or cancel childcare is May 31.

The following limits will be in place regarding childcare:

  • Parents with children age 5 and under may utilize the childcare services and have these expenses reported as taxable income.
  • Parents with children aged 6 and up will need to provide their own childcare and cover these expenses out-of-pocket.

If you feel that it is not feasible to find another option for childcare while you are away at an event, please contact the Operations Team ( We will evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis.


Childcare is a free service that is run for parents who need to bring children to an event with them for legitimate reasons. The only cost (outside of travel costs) to the parents is through taxable income. What does that mean? The IRS requires that the monetary value that InterVarsity pays for your family's expenses be reported as taxable income to you. This includes any housing and meal charges charged to InterVarsity for non-staff family members. This amount will be reported to InterVarsity's Accounting Department, and tax on this amount will be withheld from your paycheck.

The costs of running childcare at national events are determined by multiple factors: housing and meal costs for the childcare workers, childcare worker salaries, equipment/supplies/snacks purchased to run childcare, as well as anything else that is an expense needed to meet the needs of the children and the childcare workers onsite. Because of the varying costs from event to event, the per hour per child cost is not calculated until after the event ends. In general, parents can expect to pay taxable income on anywhere from $10-15 per hour per child for the length of time your child is in InterVarsity’s care. The cost for tax purposes will be determined by calculating the total cost of providing childcare divided by the number of children who use it.


If you plan to bring child(ren), you will be solely responsible for their travel.