Catalyze Costs

All Catalyze 2020 costs will be charged to your staff account in the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Spouses who take courses will be charged the same rates as staff but will be responsible for covering their own travel. 

All Catalyze programs for 2020 will have a cost of $550 per participant. These highly subsidized rates cover room, board, transportation, and program costs. 

Those who are local to Madison and wish to attend a Catalyze course without staying at Park Hotel will have a cost of $300 per participant. Mileage, parking, meals (including a daily lunch stipend), and program costs will be included for commuters. 


Per IRS regulations, family expenses are considered personal and cannot be expensed. Reporting taxable income is a favor that we do for staff – it’s a privilege but not a right. The following are the policies that have been approved by the Director of Catalyze for the summer 2020 event.

Non-staff spouses attending Catalyze

Due to the unusual nature and opportunity of Catalyze, if your non-staff spouse wants to take a Catalyze course, you will be responsible for covering their travel out-of-pocket (these expenses should not be put on an expense report or charged to a PCard). Their Catalyze fee (tuition) which covers room and board (housing and meal expenses) will be charged to your staff account if they are taking a course (for credit or as an auditor). The actual value of their room and board will be reported as taxable income.*

If your non-staff spouse is not taking a course but wants to accompany you to Madison while you participate in a Catalyze course, you will be responsible for covering their travel, meals and housing. You will be invoiced after Catalyze for any housing and meal expenses incurred by your spouse in which you will need to remit payment. These costs cannot be expensed on an expense report or through a Pcard or charged to any InterVarsity account.

Children of staff attending Catalyze

If you plan to bring children to Catalyze, you will be solely responsible for their travel expenses. All expenses related to the hotel (housing and meals) that are incurred will be sent to you via an invoice after Catalyze in which you will need to remit payment.

If your child will be participating in the childcare program, please see the Childcare page for more information on associated costs.

If you have special needs or an unusual situation, please contact the Operations Team ( to discuss options that will best serve you and your family.       

A word about taxable income:  Pretend you’re on the Price is Right. You’ve won an all-expenses paid trip to Catalyze. Congratulations!  However, the US government wants their piece of that. Just as you would pay taxes on a free trip to the Bahamas or a new car, you have to pay taxes on your trip to Catalyze. This is how we report taxable income to be reflected on your paycheck.

If there is a legitimate reason to bring a spouse or child, we will figure out a monetary alternative on a case-by-case basis. 

*PLEASE NOTE:  The IRS requires that the monetary value that InterVarsity pays for your family's expenses be reported as taxable income to you. This includes any travel, housing and meal charges made to staff accounts for non-staff family members.  This amount will be reported to InterVarsity's Accounting Department. Tax on this amount will be withheld from your paycheck. 

For information about specific costs, contact the Operations Team (