Training Comes to You

Memo from the National Learning Director

We know that the best training and development staff get, and most of what they get, happens right in their own teams and on their own turf. And frankly, we just enjoy being with you. As National Learning Director, I’ve set aside significant time and budget this year to be available to regions to help them in any way we can with training and equipping staff and staff directors. (Other LAT staff may also have some availability, depending on the topics that you need training on, and their schedules.) 

What are we offering? 

Tell us what you need. I’ll outline a list of possible topics and training below, but step one will be for us to talk together – we’ll listen to what you need and come up with a proposal for you. 

What kinds of events or settings will we come to?

A wide variety: regional leadership teams, regional or divisional staff conferences, new staff trainings, even student camps. Below you can see both a testimonial from a Regional Director and also a list of possible training topics to jog your thinking about what we might help you with. 

As your teams emerge from NSO and look forward into the year, if you can think of any way that LAT can add capacity to your leadership and value in equipping your staff, please just let me know. I will be at the National Leadership Team meetings with you in Madison in October, please feel free to pull me aside there, or just email or call any time. My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

“Neil exhibited a clear commitment to serving our team, starting with our needs. He helped my RLT on a fundamental and important skill and they are still using the principles he taught. I would recommend him to other regions as a trainer wholeheartedly!” – John Criswell, Southeast Region RD 

Topic Possibilities

Remember, if you don’t see exactly what you need, call me anyway – I bet that we can cook up something that will serve you. 

  • Time and self-management for leaders - we can use tools from Essentialism, Deep Work, and Getting Things Done.
  • Myers-Briggs for leaders and/or teams – an old standard, but there’s lots of depth here to explore and much usefulness for ministry
  • Situational Leadership 101 – going beyond your natural leadership style to give your people what they need, when they need it, to get the job done. (The last five new area director classes have gotten an intro to this, but we could train a whole region or division so the language and paradigm will be resident within the whole team, and also help staff develop their students.)
  • Situational Leadership 201 - How to do the detective work to find the performance gaps for staff and address them, how to mesh Situational Leadership with coaching and GROW, how to manage without positional authority (for matrix leaders on your team)
  • Decision-making tools for Leaders and Teams – Do we hire that staff? What’s the best placement for them? Should we plant that campus? Using tools from the Heath brothers Decisive toolkit.
  • Leading great meetings – Lessons from Patrick Lencioni’s “Death by Meeting” and other sources
  • Teambuilding – Patrick Lencioni again, and his Five Dysfunctions of a Team. 

For your student chapter camps or chapter focus weeks, we might be able to provide extra training capacity, or on-site training, development and coaching for your region’s staff who teach and train there.

  • We could consult with you on the development of a new student track.
  • We could help train your teachers who lead manuscript studies.
  • We could help you add a new Bible study track and develop teachers for it; for example Mark, a weeklong Genesis manuscript, or the Origins Old Testament survey.

 For new staff training that you do regionally: 

  • We could consult with the teams you have designing, redesigning, or adding to your new staff training
  • We could come help with certain modules or retreats.
  • Training on speaking, vision casting, and preaching: we have a curriculum in development even now for teaching new staff how to speak from the Scriptures, whether in the two-minute leadership moment, or a whole 20 minute talk.  We can come and help you add this to your equipping of new staff.

Neil Livingstone