ONS Small Group Leader Nominations Due Feb. 16

Regional Directors: as you know, the role of ONS Small Group Leader is critical for the success of the program, and we have designed it to be a great developmental opportunity for your staff as well. We are looking for Small Group Leader nominations from your region by February 16. You can nominate staff using this Google form.

SG Leaders and Senior SG Leaders

As a reminder, we are looking for both Small Group Leaders and Senior Small Group Leaders (position descriptions attached). The latter role is a stretch opportunity for those honing their skills as “leaders of leaders” among staff.  

  • The Small Group Leader role best suits 3th-8th year CSMs/TLs
  • The Senior Small Group Leader role best suits Senior CSMs/TLs/AADs/ADs. (Senior SG Leaders will coach small groups of SG Leaders as well as lead their own groups.)

Either type of Small Group Leader nominee satisfies the requirements in the ONS Staffing Plan.

Your Part in the ONS Staffing Plan

You can download the ONS Staffing Plan document below, so you can see how the plan works out for ONS 2018. Please note the type of staff your region is responsible for sending.  Can you make substitutions? Yes, it's possible. We know you may have staff volunteer who are not what is specified in the staffing plan, or you may not find a staff of the requested type who can participate this year. As we work to build a diverse team to pastor this ONS class, we can work with you. Please try to send the staff requested in the plan, but you can nominate another staff and explain your situation in the comments section of the form, and we'll get in touch. 

Expecting a Large Class from Your Region This Year?

If you have a larger region or typically bring more than 6 staff to ONS, please have 1-2 additional SGLs "on-deck" in case we need them.  

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. There will be space on the Google form for comments and questions, or you can email questions to ONS@intervarsity.org, and we will get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you by February 16!

 Here is the ONS Small Group Leader nomination form.