Pilot course in “Mental Health 101: Supporting your Chapter

Area Directors: Learning & Talent would like to help your staff get the basics on the staff role in supporting students with mental health issues so we’re offering a pilot course this fall and would like to invite you to recommend two or more of your staff to the course.

Participation is completely optional, but as we pilot this course in a topic many staff have asked us for, we wanted to make sure you knew it was available to your staff.

While the course is something they can take online at any time of day, we are running it for two consecutive weeks, so staff can get the benefit of a discussion forum that will run alongside it. (We’re also hoping for two or more staff in any area, so no staff is taking it alone but has peers as well as a supervisor they can process it with.)


What’s the course about?

The course goes through the basics of how to respond when students have mental health issues and provide clarity on the responsibilities and limits of their role as staff, and how they can help students access other needed resources.

When is the course?

The first module will be available on Tuesday, November 5. The 2nd module will be available a week later. 

How much time will it take for your staff? ~3.5 hours total.

  • Week One – Online module launched 11/5
    • doing online training [30-40 min.]
    • doing “homework” on campus – going to the University’s health center and gathering some basic information they will need [1 hour]
    • participating in an online discussion [15 min.]
    • sharing quick feedback with us [5 min]
  • Week Two – Online module launched 11/12
    • doing online training [30-40 min.]
    • participating in an online discussion [15 min.]
  • Debrief with you – Your choice, in your next scheduled one-on-one with them, or as a group [30-60 min.]
  • Sharing quick feedback with us [10 min]

How much time will it take from you? About 1.5 hours.

  • Contacting your staff and asking them to take the course. [15 min]
  • Debriefing with them (we’ll give you a short guide for this) [30-60 min]
  • Sharing quick feedback with us [10 min]

We are excited about this pilot course, and want to test out the format while delivering content staff have been asking us for. We’re hoping to do a couple more courses in the spring, and then be ready to launch a steady diet of these short online courses, built around D-cycles where they take in key information, apply it live in ministry, and then debrief with you.

Let us know by Monday, 10/28 if you are interested or have questions by emailing LAT administrator Kassie Sarikas at kassie.sarikas@intervarsity.org .